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Posted Interviews and Stories!

Del Paulsen Jeannette Wobith
Dick Kingman Mary Margaret Good
Ed Kesl The Daly House
Emil Smolek A Boy, A Bike and a Train
Germaine Jones Joe Origer
Jean Kennedy Helen Zacek Gundlach


Our History!

As a part of the CROPS Growing Rural program we are conducting video and oral histories of current and former residents of San Pierre who can tell us about our shared history.

Sarah Tannehill began the oral history project in 2007 and conducted several excellent taped interviews. Keith Kingman joined the effort in 2008 and is conducting video taped interviews as well.

A few of the interviews are now posted on this website (above) and more will be added as additional interviews and transcriptions are complete. However, we need more people to volunteer to tell their stories and more people to conduct interviews.

For anyone interested in sharing their story and/or contributing their time, knowledge or interviewing skills toward this growing effort please contact Beverly Santicola at 866-843-3493 or email her at


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