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Growing Rural Entry Form :

Scan and email completed and signed form with your story typed directly into your email or attached as a .txt or Microsoft Word file to:

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Writing Contest Official Rules:

These are the official rules for the Growing Rural Writing Contests that is held once per quarter:

March 31
June 30
September 30
December 31

1. Eligibility: The Growing Rural Contest is open to all youth aged 18 or under. Entrants under the age of 18 may enter only with the permission of their parent or guardian, as well as a nonprofit sponsor such as school, church, youth group, local government agency, Native American tribe, or community based charitable organization. All entrants, and/or a parent or guardian of all entrants under the age of 18 must sign and submit the property and publication release on the Growing Rural Contest Entry Form.

2. Purpose: The purpose of the Growing Rural Writing Contest is to empower youth ages 18 and under to revitalize rural America by identifying problems in their communities and coming up with solutions that can be grant funded. Winners of the contests will receive training in the Growing Rural process for youth-led rural development, grant writing training by US Government Grants for scholarships and grants, list of 66 places to find grants, and professional training from a filmmaker to document the stories of their success.

3. How to Enter Contest: Complete the Entry Form using the criteria/questions to guide the writing. Complete and SIGN a Contest Entry Form. Scan and attach a completed and signed entry form to Emailed entries must be received no later than midnight of each quarter end.

4. Property: All submissions become property of Growing Rural and will not be returned. Be sure to keep a copy for your files.

5. Categories: Project categories include but are not limited to 1) public health, 2) education, 3) environment, 4) community development, 5) recreation, 6) youth leadership, and 7) other.

6. Team Activity: Youth are encouraged to work in teams and submit a group project that can be implemented by a team of youth, high school class, or church group where there is an adult mentor to supervise the project. 

7. Prizes: Certificate of Achievement for each team member, Growing Rural Training for youth led rural development, Technical Assistance to help raise funding for the project, List of 66 Places to find Grant Opportunities, Professional Grant Writing Training for Your Group or High School Class and Digital Storytelling Training by a Professional Filmmaker to document the stories of your success.

8. Winner Notification: Growing Rural will notify winners via email thirty days following the deadline each quarter.

9. Publication: By participating in The Contest, Entrants agree that Growing Rural may publish their entries on the Growing Rural website without payment of any kind (except for any prize(s) awarded as contest winners.

10. Limitation of Liability: By participating in the Contest, Entrants agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless CROPS’ Growing Rural and its partners, affiliates, agents, representatives and employees (collectively,

11. Privacy Policy: The Growing site is hosted by a commercial server.
CROPS Growing Rural will use the information collected from Entrants solely for the purposes of conducting the Contest, announcing winners, finalists and/or entries, which receive an honorable mention and for communicating with the Entrants about the Contest. Growing Rural will not sell or disclose personally identifiable information that you provide us to other parties by except 1) to recognize authors of stories published on Growing, 2) to recognize winners, and 3) as may otherwise be required or allowed by law. Entrants’ names, ages and hometowns may be published on the Growing Rural website to recognize and credit the author of a published story. Entrants may opt out of any part of this recognition by sending a request to

For questions regarding the contest contact:

Beverly Santicola, Executive Director
Center for Rural Outreach & Public Services, Inc. (CROPS)


2929 Buffalo Speedway, Suite 213
Houston, TX 77098
Phone: +1 866 843 3493
FAX: +1 713 960 0537