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The Center for Rural Outreach and Public Services, Inc. (CROPS) is a grassroots nonprofit that was organized in 2004 to “empower intergenerational groups of people and organizations to work together to revitalize rural America.” Inspired by her mother’s vision to restore their hometown of San Pierre, Indiana, which lies within Railroad Township, Executive Director Beverly Santicola founded CROPS to provide services, knowledge, and networks to rural communities seeking to grow and prosper.


CROPS provides technical assistance to rural municipalities, states, nonprofit organizations, health care providers, churches, schools, and citizens. CROPS’ overarching purpose is to promote collaboration among diverse groups, empower underserved populations to solve problems, involve youth in finding solutions, and develop future leaders for rural communities through three core programs: (1) Growing Rural, youth-led rural development; (2) CROPS Health Network Center, a partnership to increase access to rural health; and (3) Consultant Services to sustain and grow rural nonprofits.


Beverly Santicola, Executive Director   Harry E. Cummins, III, Youth Coach
Byron Holm, MD, Family Practice   Jan Mitchell Johnson, Grant Consultant
Dave Hyatt, Health Care Administrator   Lynn Olszewski, Health Educator
Eric Neagu, Engineer   Taffy Lafferty, Native American Affairs Director

2929 Buffalo Speedway, Suite 213
Houston, TX 77098
Phone: +1 866 843 3493
FAX: +1 713 960 0537