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What is CROPS?

CROPS stands for the Center for Rural Outreach & Public Services. It is a grassroots organization whose mission is to eliminate poverty in America by empowering international groups of organizations to work together to solve rural problems.

What’s the story behind the Name CROPS?

I grew up in rural Indiana on a small farm just outside the town of San Pierre. My mom and dad farmed up until I graduated from high school and we depending on good harvest of corn, beans and wheat crops to make a living. I come from a large family of hard working farmers. In fact my Uncle Emil is in his 90’s and still farms over 1600 acres of land. He’s the one that helped inspire CROPS Growing Rural Program. Uncle Emil is passionate about “leaving the land better than he found it.”

What is Growing Rural?

Growing Rural is youth led rural development program that is branded with our agricultural roots. Basically it is a simple six step problem solving process that aligns with our Indiana agricultural farming roots:

1. Field Analysis – youth development and community development needs assessments, along with asset mapping to identity existing resources.

2. Soil Preparation – leadership development of youth leaders and adult mentors in the Growing Rural program.

3. Seed Planting – service learning projects that align with science, technology, engineering, and Math (STEM) as well as vocational skill building.

4. Plant Nourishment – program enrichment through integration of technology. Youth photogram, film and document the stories of their success.

5. CROP Harvesting – youth development and community development outcomes.

6. Land Enrichment – continuous improvement processes. What is the mission and purpose of CROPS

What are some examples of extraordinary youth accomplishments?

We train youth to write grant proposals, serve as Board Members for nonprofit organizations, make public presentations, and lead rural development programs. So far we have training youth to bring in over $30,000 in grants for community projects in Indiana, Ohio, and Texas.

Does CROPS only have youth development programs?

CROPS has three core programs.

  1. 1. Growing Rural
  2. 2. Rural Health Network
  3. 3. Consultant Services

What are some of the challenges you have?

Just like every other small nonprofit organization, our major challenge is lack of staffing and lack of funding to expand our services to serve more rural people.

How do you overcome challenges?

CROPS partners with other organizations and consultants with expertise in rural development and offers a variety of programs through online training.

Why should people join CROPS?

Ten years after the United Nations pledged to end poverty in America by 2015, not much has changed. We need more people to help us in our mission to revitalize rural America and lift rural people out of poverty.

2929 Buffalo Speedway, Suite 213
Houston, TX 77098
Phone: +1 866 843 3493
FAX: +1 713 960 0537